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Adventure Tour Travel India

For a real adventure tour travel, India provides everything the adventurous soul could want. Whether you are addicted to that adrenalin rush that comes from living on the edge or prefer an adventure that’s less hair-raising, and life-threatening, then India has what you’re seeking.

Adventure tour travel India and experience a land of contrasts with lush vegetation, towering mountains, rushing rivers, colorful wildlife and beautiful beaches. There are numerous ways to explore this fascinating land, but some of the most popular are trekking adventures, safaris, biking tours, white water rafting and snow skiing.

A trekking adventure tour travel India is the perfect way to get up close and personal with this fascinating country and its warm people. From the Himalayan Mountains to the picturesque Sikkim province, trekking routes weave thru unspoiled landscape and give you memories to last a lifetime.

For safaris you can’t beat an Indian nature safari where you get to see magnificent and elusive wildlife like Bengal tigers, the Indian elephants and rhinos, and Asiatic lions. The camel safari will find the adventurous riding on camels thru the savage desert, camping under the stars and dining on traditional cuisine of the locals. Other types of safaris you might want to experience are the: desert safari, horse safari, jeep safari, elephant safari, jungle safari, motorbike safari and photo safari, all ideals ways to enjoy an adventure tour travel of India.

Biking adventure tour travel India is growing and offers the adventurous traveler the opportunity to experience the most awesome cycling in the world. For a real challenge take the bike trails that travel from sub-alpine meadows thru woodlands and to the scrub oak and cactus deserts.

White water rafting is just one of the water sports that can be enjoyed in the majestic land of India. If you prefer a lazy, relaxing vacation on the beach with the occasional foray into the water for snorkeling and scuba diving then you’ll find the coasts of India perfect for you.

In fact, after trekking down a mountain, riding a camel and biking thru the desert, you’ll be more than ready to rest in the shade of a palm tree with an ice-cold drink while you enjoy a cooling breeze off the water.

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