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Adventure Travel Vietnam

Now a days, those who seek real adventure travel Vietnam where they can pick and choose from a number of types of tours. These tour packages promise to introduce the traveler to the real Vietnam; the mountains, the architecture, the customs, the food and most importantly, the people of this tiny country in Southeast Asia.

These tours range from biking tours, kayaking tours and hiking tours, all offering the perfect chance to explore this ancient land under your own locomotion. If you prefer to have a little power and faster pace, there are organized motorcycle tours. All these adventure travel Vietnam tours are fully supported by guides and other personnel who really know the locals and understand the different cultures of the various hill-tribe peoples.

There are numerous hidden charms that can only be discovered during a real adventure travel Vietnam. Visit places with exotic-sounding names that you may even remember hearing on the nightly News when you were young: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long Bay and the Mekong Delta.

Asia Adventure Travel. Great Value Trips All Over Asia. Low Impact Tours with Expert Guides.

Vietnam is a land of mountains and forests, with hidden pagodas, temples and tombs. Any tour will give you an opportunity to explore ancient citadels, palaces, churches and towers with names like the “Son Tay Citadel” and “Vinh Hung Ancient Tower”. Marvel at the striking buildings and absorb the history and atmosphere of these wonderful sites.

The other natural wonders to be seen on an Vietnam vacation include Be Be Lake located in Bac Kan Province. You will be awed by the emerald green sparkling waters of To Nung Lake whose surface reflects back the surrounding red soil hills. Those are just a couple of the beautiful lakes that can be found in Vietnam. Among the other waterways, one can visit and marvel at the Dray Nur waterfalls proudly declared to be the Central highlands’ most inspiring waterfalls.

After days of touring you will experience complete and total rejuvenation and a restoration of your energy when you behold the breathtaking beauty of Cat Ba Island. This is the largest of the over 360 islands that dot Lan Ha Bay. Along with the islands, the coast of Vietnam features some of the best beaches in the world; Cua Dai Beach, Dai Lanh Beach and the tropical paradise beach called Mui Ne.

While you are enjoying your adventure travel Vietnam you will get a kick out of the costumes, markets, arts and crafts to be found in this beautiful land of friendly people. If your visit coincides with the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, make sure you visit this millennia-old celebration.

You should also be prepared to enjoy the fascinating tastes of the Vietnamese cuisine; rice being the main ingredient and so important that it is said to be the essence of Vietnam’s culture. If you get the opportunity, make sure you try Banh It a sticky rice cake made with rice, thorn leaf, black or green beans, sugar and then wrapped in a banana leaf before being steamed. Delicious!

Enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of your adventure travel Vietnam. This is one place that should be on everyone’s list of must sees.

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