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Cancun Mexico

Cancun Mexico is more than just a honeymoon destination and the most popular vacation spot in Mexico. Cancun is also the most popular spring break destination and for good reason; Cancun loves spring breakers and caters to their every whim.

For a party-good time, college students tired from a year of study and tests, find Cancun the perfect place to let go and really party hearty. From wet T-shirt contests, beer parties, beach parties, swim-up bars, celebrity appearances and company sponsored parties complete with free giveaways; Cancun is the serious party destination.

Nature also loves spring break putting everything into creating the perfect backdrop. With blue skies and temperatures that average in the 80s and warm aquamarine waters caressing beaches of white sand.

Located off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun Mexico and spring break is a place of non-stop parties, night clubs, beach bars and young adults. However, there are a few guidelines you should take to heart if you plan to travel to Cancun for spring break.

Cancun Mexico Guidelines:

Take the Bus – They run 24 hours, cost 5 pesos, and are the safest way to travel around Cancun.

Get a Party Card or wrist band – Party organizers offer wrist band or party cards that will save you money on drinks, cover charges and time waiting in line.

Drink bottled water or drinks NOT made with local water. Spring break is not the time to get Montezuma’s revenge or the travelers’ trots.

Use the bathroom – you will get arrested if you urinate in public, the authorities really won’t tolerate that.

Avoid Mopeds – if you have an accident on a moped you will have to pay for any real or imagined damages in cash before you can leave.

If you are even thinking you might want to go to Cancun Mexico for Spring Break 2010, you need to make your plans now, and get your reservations in and get a Cancun Destination Guide

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