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Caribbean Family Vacation

For a Caribbean family vacation the island of St. Lucia prides itself on being the Caribbean island that is the perfect family vacation destination. A number of the island’s hotels make a point of showing their love of families by catering to families’ special needs. Caribbean Vacation Packages Spirit Vacations offers complete travel packages to the Caribbean.

Many of the hotels and resorts offer kids clubs, menus especially for kids and a variety of land and water sports. They also provide special sleeping arrangements; from beds or cots in the parents’ room, to adjoining rooms for older children. Experience the Caribbean's most exciting waterparks at Beaches Resorts!

While the adults rest and relax on their Caribbean family vacation, there are plenty of activities and organized fun for the kids. Some hotels and resorts provide organized and supervised activities for the kids. Often babysitting is also provided for the little ones in a safe environment so mom and dad can go snorkeling, scuba diving, or just take a nap on the beach. Plan your Family Vacation with Carnival Cruises

One such kid-friendly resort is the Jalousie Plantation resort and spa. While the kids are entertained with different activities, the parents can take advantage of the soothing spa or the secluded white sand beach. Another family-friendly resort is the Almond Beach Village that offers a full-service nursery as well as a very organized Kid’s Club. Not only are the children watched, but they will enjoy story time, nursery rhymes, arts and crafts, and play time. We take care of everything, including the kids at Beaches Resorts!

Some of the activities planned to keep the children, ages 3 to 12, occupied while the parents enjoy their vacation include fun at the pool and beach. Then there are lessons in local dance, music and culture. There are also times where the kids can play video or computer games. Your kids will love the exciting Game Garage at Beaches Resorts!

For the families with older children, there are activities geared toward the teen visitors. From movies to water sports, badminton, volleyball and other organized fun, teen visitors fall in love with the islands of the Caribbean. From movie star makeovers to evening disco dance parties, your teens will find plenty to do on your Caribbean family vacation.

Before you rule out the Caribbean for your family vacation, do your research. You may find that the best family vacation you can find, that offers the most for the best price, is a Caribbean family vacation.

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