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Cheap Airfares

Cheap airfares are really easy to find right now. The downturn in the economy has greatly impacted the airline industry and many are slashing fares to the bone to try and stimulate travel bookings. Having said that, it is still important to shop around, as there are still many variables to finding the cheapest airfares.

Another way that airlines are able to offer cheap airfares is that they are going to make up the difference by charging to what used to be free. For instance according to in a May 18, 2009 article by Kate Schneider some airlines are even considering charging passengers to use the restroom!

So while the airfares may still be cheap you may be paying for more than an extra bag. Some of the cost-saving and money-saving measures being considered, or already in place are: fines for overweight passengers, charging for toilet paper, removing the pillows, a fee to sit beside an emergency exit or watch a movie or being able to smoke in a converted toilet cubical.

Another way airlines are able to offer cheap airfares is that they add booking fees. That is one reason that TTTD has partnered to recommend Expedia for booking you flight. They never charge a fee, and booking thru them can save you from $3 for booking with an electronic payment to $45 charged by Qantas to book your flight over the phone. - 70% off published airfares.

And you’d better know for sure that you are going to be able to take that flight, because the cost of cancelling, especially over the phone, can cost upwards of $100! That’s right. Some airlines not only charged you a cancellation fee, but charge you more if you do so by phone.

For the best cheap airfares Expedia has what you are looking for and will save you money in the process. Top Travel Deals at!

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