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Exotic Vacations

Exotic vacations are those dream vacations that all too often we only ever dream about and never actually experience. However, now is the time to stop dreaming and begin turning those dreams into reality. At one time, many of those exciting dreamed-of vacations were just beyond our reach financially, but that’s changed. Now, in these days of economic downturn, the wise traveler can find real vacation bargains in some of the most exotic locations around the world. Caribbean Vacation Packages Spirit Vacations offers complete travel packages to the Caribbean.

Instead of traveling to Europe or other popular destinations where the exchange rate will leave you feeling like a second-class citizen, head for an exotic destination where a buck is still a buck and a couple of them will buy you a delicious seafood dinner. After dinner head to your beachfront bungalow that’s costing you less than a dinner for two at KFC in your home town!

Surprisingly, Argentina is one of the budget-busting locations where exotic vacations are still possible. While the economy is coming back after the 2001 crash, for $25 a day the traveler can still enjoy a great vacation, and for a bit more you can live “high on the hog”.

For the traveler who dreams of exotic vacations, Malaysia fulfills the promise of exotic with its beautiful beaches, unusual temples and wild jungles. By avoiding the overpriced cities, a couple can easily enjoy a private bungalow, fine dining and many activities for well under $50 a day.

Not all exotic vacations are on some tropical island. For some travelers, there is nothing more exotic than a vacation to Antarctica where the temps could never be described as “balmy”. Other people find that Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest and other challenging peaks combine both exotic and adventure into one great experience.

Exotic vacations may find you riding an elephant in Thailand or astride a camel beneath the Indian sun. You may also find yourself walking the steps of Jesus in Israel or exploring the jungle cities of the ancient cultures of Mexico.

Before you decide that you cannot afford to experience one of the exotic vacations you’ve been dreaming about, do some shopping around. You may be pleasantly surprise and just how affordable a dream really is.

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