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Each year the top ten travel destinations

for any category is really purely subjective. While one travel company or expert will come up with a list that can only be afforded by those who have the top ten percent of the wealth, another "expert" focuses on the top ten glitziest or the top ten eco-friendly travel destinations.

At (TTTD) you will find the focus is primarily on the diverse travel destinations located across the United States and the rest of the world. In addition, we want to give you a broad range of top ten travel destinations based on the criteria that you, the traveler, thinks is most important. For instance, no one can deny that in 2010 the world economy could influence your choice of travel destinations therefore we are going to find you the best deals available.

We are also going to look at a lot of different categories for possible top ten travel destinations. For those who want to stay close to home there are 50 states with all kinds of tourists attractions and things to do that will be fun and memorable. "Vacation Destinations in the US" provides a look at a few of the top destinations in each state.

For 2010 the best family vacation destinations may be found in your own back yard. For instance, if you live in South Carolina, why not travel to the family vacation destination just down the road from you: Myrtle Beach. There you can enjoy not only the beach, but museums, historical and cultural landmarks, water parks, Ripley's Attractions and so much more.  


The real discounts to look for are those that aren't published in the general hotel and vacation databases. There are many outstanding family vacation destinations that offer huge discounts throughout the year. After a lot of searching you'll eventually bump up against the same specials over and over. Of course, the undisclosed destinations will eventually get listed, actually very quickly, but you can get a day to a week jump ahead of the average vacationer by knowing where to look.

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Since we're looking at ways of indulging your desire to travel with the necessity of staying on a budget, we are going to keep you updated as to the most current cheap vacation packages. You can enjoy some of the most exciting, interesting travel destinations after we help you find cheap cruises, cheap travel packages and even other travel savings.

The top Romantic Travel Destinations for 2010 will include places in the sun, like Florida, the Gulf Coast of Texas, or Southern California. Also on this list is Hawaii with some of the best beaches at some of the best travel bargains. You'll also have access to some of the most romantic cruise destinations available.  Travelocity's 100 Under $100 Sale: Choose from 100 great places to lay your head, all for under $100!

European Vacation will look at the most affordable and exciting top ten travel destinations across Europe. For instance, Portugal is an often overlooked destination without the travel crowds but all the benefit of a European travel experience. Another way to get creative is to look at some of the low-cost carriers as opposed to booking your flight with a major airline. Great Low Fares to Paris, Madrid, Rome and Beyond

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