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Paris Vacation

Paris vacation is one of the most common European destinations when thinking about a trip across the pond. For many travelers, signing up for a Paris tour is the best way to see, taste and experience the best that Paris has to offer. Browse Hotel Deals for Paris, France

No matter what you want to do on your Paris vacation there are organized tours guaranteed to let you see the best Paris has to offer. Day or night, these tours are designed to be short, half to full day tours that focus on a specific aspect of Paris attractions.

Because these are short tours, it would be very possible to take several different tours. The cost of a Paris tour can range from 18.00 to 175.00 Euros, making them a real bargain for travelers. Of course, many of the tours overlap in their focus, so the tourist should take care to select several different tours that focus on different Parisian attractions.

Here’s a brief list and description of our favorite Paris vacation tours. They were selected both for their price and to provide the most comprehensive experience and coverage:

Paris Day Tours – “Paris City First”, 61.00 EUR/adult – Hotel pick up & drop off: With a guide/driver visit the most famous of Paris monuments: Louvre Museum, Champs Elysées, Latin Quarter, Hotel de Ville, Concorde Square and Notre Dame Cathedral which includes a stop and free time. – 3.5 hours

Paris by Night – “Eiffel Tower Dinner/Cruise/Moulin Rouge”, 183.00 EUR – Agency starting point: Eiffel Tower first floor dinner & drinks then cruise the Seine River for one hour. End the evening at the famous Moulin Rouge and a complimentary glass of Champagne. – 6 hours

Food Tour – “Essential Gastronomy Tour”, 66.00 EUR – Walking tour: Guided by a true gastronome, you’ll taste the flavors of Madeleine, the center of Parisian epicurean delights, such as: chocolate, pastries, wine and other regional foods when you visit small, specialty shops. – 2 hours

There are other tours that will introduce you to the very best of the city and region on your Paris vacation. There are:

Paris Walking Tours – visit legendary sites of the city – 35.00 EUR

Paris Biking Tours – day or night – 26.00 to 65.00 EUR

Versailles Tours – half to full day – 65.00 to 153.00 EUR

Disneyland Paris – visit both Disneyland and Walt Disney Park – 88.00+ EUR

Tours of France – different tours take the visitor to see Normandy, Provence, Burgundy, Cote d’Azur and even London by Eurostar rail. France Railpass

See and do it all on your Paris vacation with a variety of great and easily affordable Paris tours.

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