Real Estate Investor Training Speaker

Dennis J. Hensen

Now is your opportunity to have access to Real Estate Investor Training Speaker Dennis J. Henson, the leading expert at controlling property for profit without ever taking title. Dennis also developed other innovative real estate investing techniques, and has completed numerous successful real estate transactions in the last 38 years. The President of Vanguard Marketing and Investments and the Arlington Real Estate Association of Investors (AREA), Dennis is well known throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex as a teacher author and speaker on real estate investing.

Specializes in Single-Family Investing

Dennis had built a multi-million-dollar real estate empire by specializing in single-family investing. In the process, he has experienced all aspects of real investing from installment land contracts, options, contracts for deeds, rent to own, and contracts for purchases and sales. He understand bankruptcy, pre-foreclosure and foreclosure, as well as probate, seller carry back notes, wrap around mortgages, leases, land trusts, subject to, and creative financing.

Cutting Edge

With this complete understanding of all aspects of real estate investing, Dennis maintains his cutting edge by seeking out the newest ideas and practices in residential real estate investing. Then he turns around and helps hundreds of people move into real estate investing with a solid foundation, and works with experienced investors to expand their already successful businesses.

Experience Counts

Dennis is a real "been there done that" real estate investor, who knows what he is talking about, and knows how to share that knowledge with others. He started out wanting to improve his lifestyle and in the process learned how to create wealth that let him leave the working-to-get-by rat race. Now, with a master's degree in education, Dennis teaches others to succeed in real estate investing.

Mentoring Limits

Until recently, Dennis has focused on a mentoring system that is unique, personal and one-on-one. While this method has been successful in training new investors and in helping experienced investors kick their business into high gear, it has limited the number of people that he can help. This meant that many people were unable to get the training they needed to build a successful real estate investing business.

Mentoring Expanded

Now, Dennis has developed a training method that combines motivating coaching sessions in front of a multitude of students with an expansive library of training materials. These materials include his guide "Seven Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing", as well as audio and video training sessions that the student can use at home to train at their own pace.

Subjects Covered

Some of the subjects covered in the Real Estate Investor Training by Dennis J. Henson coaching sessions and the training library, include:

  • Purchasing Property Using Credit Cards
  • Building Wealth Investing in "Real Estate"
  • 5 Things Needed to Put Together a Good Bid
  • A Dozen Ways to Invest in Real Estate
  • Buying Homes in Probate
  • EZ Rent to Own
  • Finding Good Real Estate Deals
  • How to Get Started Investing In Real Estate
  • Multiple Streams and Mineral Rights

Training Includes

  • Your financial plan-short and long term
  • What area of real estate investing is right for you
  • Continuing real estate and business education
  • No money down real estate investing
  • Acquisition and marketing techniques
  • How to find motivated sellers
  • Tools that will save time and money
  • Links and contacts to many valuable resources

Coaching Schedule

A Dennis J. Hensen Real Estate Investing Secrets of Success coaching seminar will be coming to major cities all around the United States. If you want to know if there's a seminar scheduled in your area, then contact us for a schedule. If you would like to have a seminar in your city, contact Dennis J. Hensen directly.