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Spa Vacation

A spa vacation can be different things to different people. For some it is the chance to escape from the stress of their everyday life, to put away all reminders of their job, family and to relax both mind and body. Relaxing Spa Vacation Getaways!

For other people, a spa vacation is an opportunity to do more than relax in body. They select a spa based on the spiritual refreshing that they can experience. With yoga, meditation, massage and other treatments that promise a renewing of the spirit, as well as the body, they approach their vacation from a whole-body, holistic time of mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

There are vacation spas that cater to those who look for a promise of guided physical change and improvement. These spas provide professional trainers, dieticians, counselors and others whose purpose is to transform their guests into the best they can be physically.

Putt and Pamper Golf and Spa Resorts

No matter where you live there is probably a spa within easy driving distance. But if you prefer the exotic, the new, the different, then there are spa packages to resorts around the world that for the price of admission promise to transform their guests into brighter, healthier and happier people.

Spas welcome their guests with names that evoke images of wellbeing or some spiritualized description of their location or purpose. Names like: The Golden Light Centre for Well-Being, or Free Spirit Retreat & Ranch, or Healing Waters Lodge of Virginia or Pure Jeevan and the Peaceful Valley Ashram entice guests to spend their spa vacation with them.

Whatever spa you decide on, remember you can shop here to make all your travel arrangements, including airline booking, car rental and even the hotel before and after your spa stay.

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