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Things to Do in Arkansas

Steeped in history Arkansas is the “natural state.” With so many things to do in Arkansas planning a fun filled family vacation will be easy. There are four distinct geographical areas in Arkansas. Desert, mountain, river delta and timberland areas are waiting to be explored. Planning a trip to Arkansas may be as enjoyable as your visit.

Diamond Digging

Arkansas is the only place inside the United States that has a diamond mine. Crater of the Diamonds State Park is located in Murfreesboro, above an eroded volcano tube, and is the only place where visitors get to keep any diamonds they find. The park opened in 1972 and to date over 19,000 diamonds have been found.

Outdoor Fun

State parks are located in all four regions of the state. The Delta Rivers Nature Center, Pine Bluff Regional Park, Buffalo River National Park are just a few of the state and national parks in Arkansas. Fishing, hiking, nature programs and boating can be found in all parks. Arkansas has over 2.9 million acres of protected forest and more than 1,500 miles of hiking trails. With 600,000 acres of water, there are activities near, on and in the water everywhere in the state.

Dude Ranch

Just outside of Jasper is the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. Featuring special programs for children, this one of a kind vacation is a must for anyone who’s dreamed of being a cowboy or girl. Activities include crafts, rock climbing, campfires, swimming or just rocking on the porch of your cabin.


A state with such a rich history is sure to have a museum for everyone. Hot Springs is home to the Gangster Museum of America. You will learn about Frank Costello, Al Capone, Buggsy Moran and Lucky Luciano during your visit. Hot Springs in the 30’s was the Los Vegas of today. The Arkansas Museum of Discovery provides hands on exhibits. Fort Smith’s Enchanted Doll Museum will delight little girls of all ages.

Family Activities

Bass fishing tournaments and duck calling contests are just two of the hundreds of festivals held annually. Concerts, music festivals, tributes to fruits of all sorts and cultural gatherings celebrating Greek, Italian, and American foods like barbeque and chili are sure to fill you up.

With so many things to do in Arkansas you and your family are sure to find fabulous food and have a fantastic time visiting.

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