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Things to Do in Pennsylvania

There are so many things to do in Pennsylvania that a family vacation in the Keystone State will be a vacation your family will never forget. Attending the Philadelphia Ballet Company and touring historical parks, will ensure that your family will experience the best of both the cultural and historical. After all, what American family could resist stepping back through history to a time when the founding fathers of the United States signed the Declaration of Independence?

Pennsylvania Dutch Farm

While vacationing in Pennsylvania, your family can visit a working Pennsylvania Dutch Farm where residents demonstrate how things were done 200 years ago. Driving through Lancaster County you will share the road with horse drawn buggies and wagons. One room schoolhouses and wooden covered bridges are just a few of the sights that you will see.

Barns with colorful hex signs and farmers markets featuring Amish breads, jellies and pies are sure to catch your eye. Local restaurants feature Pennsylvania Dutch entrees and many have relishes, pickles and jam available so you can take home a taste of a more simple life.

Old Economy Village

Historical museums can be found in almost every city. One small museum the kids might enjoy is the Old Economy Village located in Beaver County that features re-enactments of early state settlement. The Independence Hall Museum is considered the official visitor site for greater Philadelphia.

Hershey Chocolate plant

The Hershey Chocolate plant and the Harley-Davidson plant offer guided tours for visitors. Kids and adults will be fascinated by visits to either.

Dorney Amusement Park

Modern vacationers soon discover that Dorney Amusement Park, with over 100 rides a pure delight. The adventurous members of your family will want to spend an entire day indulging their thirst for thrills. Featuring a water park area complete with botanical landscaping that allows you to rest in an atmosphere of a tropical paradise, Dorney Park has it all. Special rates and packages are available for families and groups.

Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Hiking, fishing, and boating are only a few of the outdoor activities available in Pennsylvania. You can hike along the historic Appalachian National Scenic Trail, or the Quehanna Trail located in Clearfield County.

Pocono Mountains

Winter time vacationers will find snow skiing resorts that rival some of the nationally-known areas. Alpine Mountain located in the family-friendly Pocono Mountains offers quad lifts and snowboarding areas. Big Boulder offers 55 acres of skiable terrain and has been in operation over 50 years.

Woodland Zoo

Pennsylvania has some fantastic wildlife refuges. The Woodland Zoo in Farmington provides visitors with the opportunity to walk and interact with the 150 animal, bird and reptile species. Daily programs in the amphitheater educate and entertain visitors. Special events are held throughout the year, ensuring that no matter when you visit you will find something to educate and entertain.

Philadelphia Zoological Gardens

The Philadelphia Zoological Gardens specializes in natural habitat exhibits, one of which is a reptile exercise yard. While the McNeil Avian Center offers varied avian habitats in their state of the art geothermal aviaries. A visit to this bird center is a must for the bird-lovers in the family.

Fall in Love

From hiking and biking to reliving the past, consider vacationing in Pennsylvania. Not only will you fall in love with the rolling green hills, but with some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. With so much to choose from your family is sure to find the perfect place to visit!

Things to Do in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

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